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Establishing the idea of paludiculture in Russia

Excursion to pilot sites for reed cultivation of the Peat Institute/Tver State Technical University  (Photo: Jan Peters)

Workshop at Tver University

On April the 21st and 22ndan international workshop on paludiculture took place at Tver State Technical University in Russia. Main objective was to promote the ideas of paludiculture in Russia, especially as economic incentives for peatland rewetting for fire prevention and climate change mitigation. Presentations included results of a pilot study on the cultivation and utilisation of reed in Tver region and of other projects, e.g. the Wetland Energy project in Belarus.

The workshop was jointly organized by the Peat Institute of the Tver State Technical University and the Michael Succow Foundation, partner in the Greifswald Mire Centre, within the project for Peatland restoration in Russia. During the workshop experimental sites for reed establishment of Tver peat institute (photo) have been visited.

In Tver there is high interest in a closer future cooperation with the Greifswald Mire Center (GMC), especially the Michael Succow Foundation. The exchange of knowledge and expertise within the field of paludiculture is considered an essential to propagate the sustainable peatland management in Russia.


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