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"The Mouse" exploring peatland

About cow burps, smacking soil and sour cucumbers

17/8/2022 "The Mouse" was here! During this summer, the children's programme took a close look at climate issues – and among other places also in a peatland. The scientists of the Greifswald Mire Centre told “The Mouse” why peatlands are drained, peat is extracted and why farming on these soils is bad for the climate - especially when cows graze on them. Clarissa, Ralph and Johannes explain what pickled cucumbers and peatlands have in common, why a man on snowshoes is remote-controlling a "lawnmower" and why the ground is smacking. You may find the programme "Sendung mit der Maus" of  Sunday 21 August in the ARD media library.

Which meanings do peatlands have for the climate? - The children's channel "Die Maus" has looked at this more closely. Foto: WDR / Flash Film

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