Greifswald Mire Centre

Our vision is a world in which

  • peatlands are recognised and understood as vital and vulnerable systems,
  • natural peatlands are conserved,
  • degraded peatlands are restored,
  • any use of peatlands is sustainable.

Our mission: The Greifswald Mire Centre is – as an interface between science, policy and practice – innovator and originator in solutions for peatlands, locally and worldwide.

We are more than 50 peatland experts of various disciplines concentrated in one place.

We offer science-based solutions for social challenges such as

  • Climate crisis: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from peatlands and ecosystem-based adaptation
  • Ecosystem services: Identification, quantification and monetisation
  • Sustainable use: Implementation of paludiculture and innovative financing


You can find our strategy 2018-2023 here.

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