Name Peatland-related expertise  
Susanne Abel Ecology, paludiculture plants, project coordinator of the German Peatland Dialogue
Marina Abramchuk Vegetation, restoration, Eastern Europe

Balazs Baranyai Sundew cultivation
Carl Barnick Vegetation
Dr. Alexandra Barthelmes Global Peatland Database,
Karen-Doreen Barthelmes Sphagnum farming, Global Peatland Database
Prof. Dr. Volker Beckmann Landscape economics
Felix Beer Global Peatland Database, peatland mapping, ecology
Thomas Beil Nature conservation, landscape economics
Dr. Gesche Blume-Werry Experimental plant ecology, arctic region
Stephan Busse Global Peatland Database, monitoring
John Couwenberg Mire ecology/palaeoecology, greenhouse gas emissions, carbon credits
Tobias Dahms Paludiculture, life cycle analysis
Samer Elshehawi Ecohydrology, peatland hydrology, water quality and stable isotopes of peat and groundwater; Africa, Europe
Dr. Stefan Ewert Agricultural policy

Greta Gaudig

Sphagnum farming, head of GMC
Andreas Haberl Restoration, Eastern Europe/Russia, paludiculture
Kerstin Haldan Vegetation, plant ecology
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hampicke Landscape economics
Sarah Haupt Experimental plant ecology, paleoecology
Levke Henningsen Experimental plant geography
Tjorven Hinzke Experimental Plant Ecology 
Sophie Hirschelmann Peatland conservation, land use
Monika Hohlbein Paludiculture
Henning Holst Advice for farmers
Dr. Lebrecht Jeschke Vegetation, restoration,
nature conservation
Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans Joosten


member of the GMC Coordinating Committee

Moritz Kaiser Greenhouse gas emissions, remote sensing
Sabine Kell Technical staff
Dr. Pim de Klerk Palaeoecology, geomorphology
Mira Kohl Paludiculture, Sphagnum
Nora Köhn Paludiculture, nutrients
Nina Körner Communication/PR
Dr. Ingo Koska Vegetation
Astrid Kowatsch Paludiculture, regional economics  
Matthias Krebs Georgia, Sphagnum farming
Kristina Kuprina Plant genetics
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kreyling

Experimental plant ecology, biogeography

member of the GMC Coordinating Committee

Paul Lamkowski Population genetics of Sphagnum, peatland vegetation
Jelena Lange Vegetation, plant ecology
Christina Lechtape Paludiculture, land use
Christina Malpica Global Peatland Database
Dr. Michael Manthey

Vegetation, biogeography, bioindication

member of the GMC Coordinating Committee

Dr. Dierk Michaelis Vegetation, Sphagnum, palaeoecology
Merten Minke Greenhouse gas emissions, Belarus, Yakutia
Dr. Almut Mrotzek Palaeoecology, forest ecology
Felix Närmann Paludiculture, biodiversity, soil physics
Josephine Neudert Paludiculture, pilot projects  
Anke Nordt Paludiculture, pilot projects
Claudia Oehmke Paludiculture, biomass quality
Jan Peters

Restoration, climate policy

member of the GMC Coordinating Committee

Anja Prager Sphagnum farming, palaeoecology
Felix Reichelt Vegetation, greenhouse gas emissions
Johanna Risse Landscape economics
Dr. Michael Rühs Landscape economics, payment for ecosystem services
Achim Schäfer Landscape economics, carbon credits
Dr. Tobias Scharnweber Forest ecology, vegetation
Sebastian Schmidt Protected areas, international conservation efforts and co-operation
Prof. Dr. Martin Schnittler Genetics of peatland plants
Christian Schröder Paludiculture, ecology
Dr. Jenny Schulz Sphagnum farming, sundew cultivation, palaeoecology
Sarah Schwieger Experimental plant ecology, roots
Dr. Elke Seeber Experimental plant ecology, roots, Tibet
Dr. Nina Seifert Protected areas, land use, birds
Nia Siradze Pollen analysis
Mirko Smiljanić Forest ecology, vegetation
Heike Stegmann Soil
Prof. em. Dr. Michael Succow Vegetation, ecology, protected areas
Dr. Franziska Tanneberger Aquatic Warbler, Eastern Europe/Siberia, carbon credits, head of GMC
Dr. Cosima Tegetmeyer Aquatic Warbler, Global Peatland Database
Annette Teltewskoi Palaeoecology, the Arctic, permafrost
Dr. Martin Theuerkauf Quantitative vegetation reconstruction
Annett Thiele Restoration, Belarus, carbon credits
Dr. Tiemo Timmermann Vegetation,  restoration
Prof. Dr. Tim Urich Bacterial physiology, soil microbiology
Kees Vegelin Restoration, vegetation, land use
Farina de Waard Global Peatland Database
Micha Weil Soil microbiology, methanogenes
Maximilian Wenzel

Paludiculture, nutrients

Sylvia Wenzl Technical staff
Sabine Wichmann Paludiculture, Sphagnum farming, landscape economics
Dr. Wendelin Wichtmann

Paludiculture, hydrology, Belarus

member of the GMC Coordinating Committee

Prof. Dr. Martin Wilmking Ecosystem dynamics and landscape development, forest ecology

member of the GMC Coordinating Committee

Rafael Ziegler Environmental ethics, social innovation, water