Greifswald Mire Centre briefing papers

2022 Open letter: Moor- und Klimaschutz in der Landwirtschaft: Bereitschaft ist da, aber geeignete Angebote fehlen

2022 Position on the role of peatland conservation, rewetting and restoring within the carbon removal certification framework proposed by the European Commission
(with University of Warsaw, University of Antwerp, University of Vienna, Norwegian Institute for Nature Research and Natural Resources Institute Finland (LUKE))

2022 Informationspapier des Greifswald Moor Centrum zu Photovoltaik-Anlagen auf Moorböden

2022 Stellungnahme des Greifswald Moor Centrum zum Antrag „Förderung von Moorschutz in Niedersachsen“

2021 Opportunities for Peatlands and Paludiculture in the EU Common Agricultural Policy (2023-2027)

2021: Protecting and Restoring Peatlands – Targets and Recommendations for Peatlands in the EU Biodiversity Strategy

2021: Definition of paludiculture in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) (with National University of Ireland and Wetlands International European Association) + List of paludicultural plants and utilisation options (selection)

2021: Wetland buffer zones for nutrients retention and cleaner waters

2020: Peatlands in the EU - Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2020 /
Les tourbières dans l’Union Européenne – la Politique Agricole Commune (PAC) apres 2020
(with National University of Ireland and Wetlands International European Association)

2020: Policy Brief: Peatland Strategies in Europe

2019: Informare privind importanța conservării solurilor organice pentru reducerea emisiilor de gaze cu efect de seră in Romanian
(with Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development, Romania)

2019: Briefing Paper on the role of peatlands in the 2021 European Union’s Common Agriculture Policy (CAP)

2018: Guidelines for inventories of tropical peatlands to facilitate their designation as Ramsar Sites (for the Ramsar Convention)

2017: Mandatory accounting for managed wetlands in the EC Proposal on LULUCF Regulation (with Wetlands International and BirdLife International)

2017 Policy Brief Gebäude - Rechtliche Anreizsetzung für Paludikultur-Biomasse im Gebäudeenergieeinsparrecht (IKEM)

2017 PolicyBrief Wärme Rechtliche Anreizsetzung für die wärmeseitige energetische Verwertung von Paludikultur-Biomasse (IKEM)

2017 Impulspapier Verwertung von Paludikultur-Biomasse Rechtliche Handlungsempfehlungen für die energetische und stoffliche Verwertung (IKEM)

2016: 30 Good Reasons to Safeguard Peatlands! (with Federal Agency for naturce Conservation Germany, Ramsar Convention Secretariat and Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark)

2015: Accelerating action to Save Peat for Less Heat (with Wetlands International)

2015: Peatlands, climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation (for the Nordic Council)