Greifswald Mire Centre briefing papers

2021: Protecting and Restoring Peatlands – Targets and Recommendations for Peatlands in the EU Biodiversity Strategy

2021: Definition of paludiculture in the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) (with National University of Ireland and Wetlands International European Association) + List of paludicultural plants and utilisation options (selection)

2021: Wetland buffer zones for nutrients retention and cleaner waters

2020: Peatlands in the EU - Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) after 2020 /
Les tourbières dans l’Union Européenne – la Politique Agricole Commune (PAC) apres 2020
(with National University of Ireland and Wetlands International European Association)

2020: Policy Brief: Peatland Strategies in Europe

2019: Informare privind importanța conservării solurilor organice pentru reducerea emisiilor de gaze cu efect de seră in Romanian
(with Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development, Romania)

2019: Briefing Paper on the role of peatlands in the 2021 European Union’s Common Agriculture Policy (CAP)

2018: Guidelines for inventories of tropical peatlands to facilitate their designation as Ramsar Sites (for the Ramsar Convention)

2017: Mandatory accounting for managed wetlands in the EC Proposal on LULUCF Regulation (with Wetlands International and BirdLife International)

2016: 30 Good Reasons to Safeguard Peatlands! (with Federal Agency for naturce Conservation Germany, Ramsar Convention Secretariat and Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark)

2015: Accelerating action to Save Peat for Less Heat (with Wetlands International)

2015: Peatlands, climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation (for the Nordic Council)